🚀🎨 Unlocking Stunning Results: Your Guide to AI-Generated Images

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Imagine never encountering a creative dead end again - that's our goal here!

Let's explore how AI can revolutionize the way we generate captivating visuals that leave a lasting impact.

midjourney pro images level

Hello everyone! Today, let’s dive into the exciting realm of creating stunning images with the help of AI. Just like maintaining systems and servers, crafting powerful visuals is essential for any creative endeavor. And one aspect we’ll be focusing on is achieving stunning results through AI-generated images.

But first things first let’s see some images:

Now, in the following session you can catch me and Ajan going over the ropes:
I will soon also be uploading my own take so stay tuned…

Exploring Midjourney: Your Gateway to Inspiration
now, once you have an active subscription, pricing for ranges from 10-30$ monthly (and more but on that in another post)

Ready to embark on an adventure of creativity?
Midjourney awaits!
(you can also experiment with copilot and dalee3 – a free light version but this post is around Midjourney)

Navigate through its virtual corridors, where every click unveils a treasure trove of breathtaking images. Use Midjourney’s intuitive search and smart filters to discover scenes that will transport you to new worlds and evoke emotions you never knew you had. first things first –

follow this link to see some of the best community showcase: https://www.midjourney.com/showcase
you can further filter the results into : random | hot |  top (day / week / month) | likes (your liked images by the community) now i strongly suggest skimming through these images since this is a treasure trove of amazing images.

Tapping into Facebook Communities: Where Inspiration Thrives
Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with friends—it’s a goldmine of creative inspiration! Join communities dedicated to sharing prompts and powerful images, where artists from all walks of life come together to support and uplift one another. Dive into discussions, share your work, and watch as inspiration flows like a river.

How to begin: so, now we are ready to start with the pro image generation, make sure you have an active discord set up (application preferably) join both prompter ai and midjourney obviously. follow this link to add the prompter ai and add it to your discord: https://discord.gg/gEEE6fzc

what is prompter ai? it is a very nice prompt planner for midjourney and stable diffusion, you can think of it as a fine tuned model ready to recieve topics and style them up to bring the most out of the digital art image generators. so what is the secret flow? the idea is simple

– we locate a powerfull image, then upload it into midjourney describe feature, then we take the shortest result out of the 4 versions into the prompter

– notice how you’ll need to divide style from prompt, also there is currently a 250 chars limit so take this into account as well. then all we have to do is to take the resulting image into midjourney and profit at most cases. GUIDE IN IMAGES:
1. locate a powerfull image and copy the image address:  
2. paste the image link into the discrod inside the describe :  
3. choose a short description  

Generating Stunning Prompts with AI: The Sky’s the Limit
With the AI prompter at your fingertips, creativity knows no bounds. Experiment with different inputs, from landscapes to portraits, and watch as the AI weaves them into captivating prompts. While success rates may vary, every attempt is a step closer to unlocking your true creative potential.

Section 1: Exploring Midjourney

  • Discuss how to navigate Midjourney’s website and utilize its smart filters to find stunning images.
  • Explain the process of scanning and searching for powerful images within the Midjourney community.
  • Emphasize the value of community engagement and learning from others’ work.

Section 2: Tapping into Facebook Communities

  • Guide readers on how to search Facebook and Facebook groups for communities dedicated to showcasing prompts and powerful images.
  • Provide tips on engaging with these communities effectively to enhance learning and inspiration.

Section 3: Leveraging Midjourney Discord

  • Detail the steps for uploading an image to Midjourney Discord and using the describe feature to extract relevant data.
  • Highlight the importance of data extraction in generating new powerful prompts.

Section 4: Generating Powerful Prompts with AI

  • Explain how to use the extracted data from Midjourney Discord in conjunction with the AI prompter.
  • Provide a link to invite readers to access the AI prompter tool.
  • Share insights on the success rate of generating powerful prompts using this method.


  • Summarize the key points discussed in the post.
  • Encourage readers to explore the power of AI-generated images further and actively participate in communities like Midjourney.
  • Express optimism about the potential for creativity and innovation in using AI for image generation.
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