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Jonathan Mogilansky

Front-End Developer & Project Manager with a passion for crafting user-friendly web experiences. Skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Next.js) & back-end (Node.js, PHP). Experienced leader delivering projects on time and budget.

Key Skills: Front-End Dev, Back-End Dev, Project Mgmt, Communication, Teamwork.

More: SEO, PPC and more (:

**Flexible and Value-Driven Pricing**

I am committed to delivering exceptional value for the services I provide. My transparent pricing structure ensures a win-win situation for all parties involved.

**Comprehensive Support and Responsibility**

I take great pride in offering comprehensive and reliable support. I believe that knowledge sharing with both clients and colleagues is a fundamental pillar of my professional approach.

**Mobile-First Design Philosophy**

My design philosophy prioritizes mobile responsiveness. This commitment extends beyond aesthetics and performance to encompass a deep understanding of user behavior on mobile devices.

**Streamlined Project Management from Onboarding**

I offer a seamless experience from the very beginning. My clients benefit from a single point of contact, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors.

**Target Audience-Centric Approach**

One of my core principles goes beyond visual appeal. I delve deeply into understanding your target audience to ensure every element, including landing pages, resonates with them and effectively achieves your marketing goals.

**Additional Considerations:**

* I foster strong, collaborative relationships with each client.
* My clients receive prompt and efficient communication, ensuring their needs are always addressed.
* I am passionate about my work and dedicated to exceeding client expectations through high-quality deliverables.

**Professional Tips:**

* Utilize professional and clear language.
* Emphasize your unique value proposition and expertise.
* Integrate impactful visuals (images/videos) to elevate the page’s professionalism.
* Proofread meticulously to guarantee a polished and error-free presentation.


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